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*Space Debris [#t34c2002]
>To deal with the orbital debris issues that threats safety in space, orbital debris evolutionary models have been built by incorporation of laws of astrodynamics and empirical assumptions.  The assumptions have been augmented and verified by a series of laboratory satellite impact tests.  This work not only deals the world-wide effort to predict orbital environment but it also provides a novel tool to identify effective procedures of orbital environment protection.  ~
SSDL applies the orbital debris (OD) modeling techniques to devise an effective search strategy applicable for breakup fragments in the geostationary region.  The OD modeling techniques can describe debris generation and orbit propagation to effectively conduct predictive analyses of space objects that include characterizing, tracking and predicting the behavior of individual and groups of space objects.  The predictive analyses specify effectively when, where and how we should conduct ground-based optical measurements in the geostationary region, and precisely how we should process successive images of objects acquired.  ~
>Space debris modelling mainly consists of debris generation and orbit propagation.  Debris generation can characterize and predict physical properties of fragments originating from explosions or collisions.  Orbit propagation can characterize, track, and predict the behavior of individual or groups of space objects.  With collision flux estimation, therefore, space debris modelling can build space debris evolutionary models as essential tools to predict the stability of the current or future space debris populations.  Such future projections can provide information necessary to specify when and how to do for space debris mitigation and environmental remediation.  Outcome of future projections would say that cleaning up space junks out there would be necessary for long-term sustainability of outer space activities as in  the Japanese science fiction comics featuring space debris issues in 2075.  Is it true?  To figure out the right answer to the question we have to put more efforts into space debris modelling.  Measurements are believed to be essential to properly conduct future projections because the stability may be subject to the initial population.  Measurements are also essential to conjunction analysis to avoid accidental collisions and protection design to minimize damages due to impacts with submillimeter-size debris.  Space debris modeling is also useful and effective to improve the efficiency of such measurements.   ~
RIGHT:(Author: Toshiya HANADA)

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