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*Research Activities in SSDL [#ybdde3bb]
>One of features to be emphasized here is the small satellite project initiated by graduate students.  First, students learn entire lifecycle of a space system through a can-sized tiny satellite.  Then, students get involved in a real small satellite project.  Another feature is to apply astrodynamics to space debris issues.  Space debris represents all space objects non-functional and human made.  As an example, we investigate on the instability of the current debris population in the low-Earth orbit region (altitude below 2000 km).  Another example is ground-based optical measurements in the geosynchronous Earth orbit region.  Both examples are being conducted through collaboration with JAXA.  Last feature comes from collaboration between research activities featuring space debris issues and students' small satellite project.  We're conducting feasibility studies on small and medium debris removal using special low-density materials, and on small debris detecting satellite as secondary payloads to monitor space debris environment around the primaly payload.  ~
RIGHT:(Author: Toshiya HANADA)

-&ref(ưҲ/Intro2SSDL_JFY2011.pdf,,Introduction to SSDL (PDF, 140KB, 2011));
-&ref(Intro2SSDL_FY2016_NC.pptx,,Introduction of SSDL (PowerPoint, 2.0MB, 2016));

**Research Area [#yaed2b4f]
-[[Small Satellites>EN/SmallSatellite]]
--Design / Development 
--Dynamics on Tether System
--[[Ground Station>EN/KUGS]]
-[[Space Debris>EN/SpaceDebris]]
--[[Impact Experiments>EN/SpaceDebris/ImpactExperiment]]
--[[Orbital Analysis>EN/SpaceDebris/OrbitalAnalysis]]
-Satellite Design Contest
--Jovian Exploration
--Asteroids Exploration
--Solar Sails
--[[Orbital Service Vehicle>EN/FreeFlightSimulator]]
--Solar Power Satellite

**Education [#edu]
//-[[Small Satellite>Lectures by Prof. Jozef van der Ha/SmallSatellite]] (Graduate School) : van der Ha
-Spacecraft Dynamics (Graduate School) : Hanada
-Orbit Perturbations (Graduate School) : Hanada
-Experiment for Aeronautics and Astronautics (3rd graders) : Fujita
//-[[Mission and Spacecraft Design>Lectures by Prof. Jozef van der Ha/Mission and Spacecraft Design]] (3rd graders) : van der Ha
-Orbital Mechanics (3rd graders) : Hanada
//-Engineering English (2nd graders) Hanada
//-Core Seminar (1st graders) : Hanada and Hirayama

[[Some documents of our lectures are downloadable>EN/Lectures]]