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_ Imapact Experiments

_ Low Velocity Launch Tube


This is a single stage air gun which can launch a spherical metal projectile up to 10 mm in diameter, 300 m/s in velocity. Such a low velocity collisions can happen in GEO where a lot of important satellites exist, but there is a few low velocity impact facility. Experiments with our facility provided valuable knowledge about collisions in GEO.

It is also used in anti-penetration test for materials for a sampler horn of asteroid explorer HAYABUSA.

_ Secondary Debris


This is scattering of secondary debris after an low velocity impact. Distribution of velocity vectors of particles are measured from double exposured images. Target is a honeycomb sandwich plate (aluminum core / CFRP skin) which is used for an antenna reflector.

_ Hyper-Velocity Impact to whole Satellite


These are high-speed photograph taken in hyper-velocity impact to Cube-Sat which contain battery, solar cells, CPU, transceiver, GPS and such a realistic components. Impact tests to whole satellite is very rare in the world.

More than 1500 fragments are retrieved from the destroyed satellites. Then all fragments are measured and cataloged, to provide internationally valuable data.

This experiments are performed in hyper-velocity impact facility in Computational Mechanics Laboratory, Kyushu Institute of Technology
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