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SSDL performs unique “hands-on” satellite design activities through the design and construction of IDEA the satellite for In-situ Debris Environmental Awareness. This work involves mission analysis, spacecraft system design as well as subsystem design problems. IDEA is planned to be launched on a H-IIA rocket in 2013 or later and intend to perform scientific investigations that will lead to a better understanding of the current debris environment.

(Author: Toshiya HANADA)
QSAT(Kyushu SATellite), Polar Plasma Observation Satellite
Original project to develop 50kg-class piggyback micro-satellite in KU, KIT, FIT


UNITEC-1 (UNIsec Technological Experiment Carrier-1)
World first interplanetary probe built by Universities.
It will be launched May, 2010.
QTEX (Kyushu-university Tethered Satellite Experiments)
Original project to develop a tethered micro-satellite in SSDL.
The project is pending.

QTEX_image_2.pngqtex_logo_2.pngQTEX_image.png(Japanese page)

QUEST (Kyushu U.S. Experimental Satellite Tether)
JAPAN-U.S. collaborative project to develop a tethered micro-satellite.
The project was closed.


KUGS (Kyushu University Ground Station)
Amateur radio station for satellite communication

kugs_photo_pc.pngkugs_logo.pngkugs_photo_an.png Call Sign: JF6ZWK

Drink can size pico-satellite


Satellite Design Contest

sat-design_logo.png (Japanese page)


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