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Kyushu University Ground Station KUGS
Kyushu University Ground Station
  • Amateur Radio Club: Kyushu University Satellite Communication Team
    • Callsign: JF6ZWK
    • Address: Kyushu University W4 Builiding, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, 819-0395, JAPAN
    • E 130°Ž13'5", N 33°Ž35'30", Altitude: 91m
  • Member (The activity is now suspended because of a failure of the outdoor facility.)

_ Indoor Facilities

Indoor Facilities
TRX, TNC, Antenna Rotator, Power Supply
  • PC
    • DELL Dimension E521 (Windows Vista Enterprise)
  • Radio
    • icom IC-910D°°Power: MAX50W, Band: 144MHz, 430MHz
    • icom CI-V Level Converter CT-17
    • KENWOOD TS-790
  • TNC (Terminal Node Controller)
    • TASCO TNC-555 (for Downlink): AFSK1200bps, GMSK9600bps, CW Morse
    • TASCO TNC-505 (for Uplink): AFSK1200bps, GMSK9600bps
  • Antenna Rotator° EMOTATOR EV-800D°ň
  • Rotator Controller #1: NI-USB-6008
  • Rotator Controller #2: Micro-Computer (H8/2636)
  • Right/Left-handed Circularly Polarized Wave Switcher
  • Stabilized Power Supply (Diamond GSV3000)
  • Power On/Off Controller (Jack: introduced by UT)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (ADVANTEST) R3261C: 9 kHz - 2.6 GHz, 25-dB Preamp Attached

_ Outdoor Facilities

  • Cross-Yagi Antenna (Masspro): Circular Polarized Antenna,°°50¶ł, 50W, VSWR: 1.1-1.5
    • 144HS12: 144-146 MHz, 12-Element, 10-12dB, half-value angle: 33-35 deg
    • 435HS20: 430-440 MHz, 20-Element, 12.5-13.4dB, half-value angle: 27-29 deg
  • Pre-Amp.: (JACOM) LNX-0720 Low-Noise 430-MHz, Gain 20 dB / NF 0.4 dB

_ Software

  • SSDL Original (Developed by Dr.Sakamoto)
    • Ground Station Management: KugsGmsLocal.exe
    • Az/El Controller: KugsRotatorServer.exe
    • Spectrum Analyzer Control & Automatic Frequency Measurement: AFM.exe
    • Scheduler: KugsOrbitScheduler.exe
  • Developed by GSN (Ground Station Network) Project (UNISEC)
    • GMS (Ground Station Management Service)
  • Developed by GENSO Project
    • GSS (Ground Station Server)

_ Objectives

  • Main Station for QSAT
    • House Kepping Data Acquisition (430MHz Band, CW Morse, FM AFSK 1200bps)
    • Mission Data Acquisition (430MHz Band, FM AFSK 1200bps / GMSK 9600bps)
    • Command Transmission (144MHz Band, FM AFSK 1200bps)
  • Demonstration of Low-cost Orbit Determination Technology by using Amateur Radio Instruments
    • UHF Doppler Shift
  • GSN (Ground Station Network) Project (UNISEC)
  • GENSO Project Test Station
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